6137 Tunan

Saab 29 "Flygande Tunnan"

Yellow • 2017
AuthorsMikael Forslund
IllustratorThierry Vallet
Release date2017-02-27
Cat. No.6137
CategoryNew CategoryNowe
Format192 pages (192 in colour)
Price79.00 PLN Price17.00 GBP

The Saab 29, called “Flygande Tunnan” (English: "The flying barrel") was a Swedish fighter designed and manufactured by SAAB in the 1940s. It was Sweden's second turbojet-powered combat aircraft, the first being the Saab 21R; additionally, it was the first Western European fighter to be produced with swept wing after the war, the Me 262 being the first during WWII.

Despite its rotund appearance, from which its name derives, the SAAB 29 was a fast and agile aircraft for its era. It served effectively in both fighter and fighter-bomber roles into the 1970s.

This book is the most comprehensive on the Tunnan yet published, with numerous photographs of the aircraft in service, several of which have never been published before, walkaround photographs of the preserved aircraft, illustrations from contemporary manuals, and colour artwork.


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